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Table Widgets

The Table widget displays a view of table records on the dashboard, allowing you to view and edit the records directly.

Example table widget

The widget can use saved searches, and apply any of your available table views. It can also optionally include the action bar, the search bar, and the status line.

Creating Table Widgets

To create a table widget:

  1. On the General tab, enter a name and description and select Table as the widget type.
  2. In the Options tab, select a table to display from the list.
  3. In Search Condition, either select a saved search or click Create New Search to add a new search to refine the fields in the table view. 
  4. In Display, select the view you want to use with the table.
  5. Define how to display the action bar, the search bar, and the status line above the table view.
  6. Select whether dashboard filters should be applied to this table. If you select Yes, the records in the table view can be filtered in real-time when users select a filter.
  7. Choose whether to show the search title alongside the table title.

Table Appearance

The Table widget allows you to define a custom set of styles. The widget styles apply to the area on the widget surrounding the table view itself. The actual view area appearance will use the current Look and Feel Tables tab setting.

The Table widget will attempt to fit into its allocated space on the dashboard layout. However if it is too large, it will force you to scroll to see the content. You should select a table view that does not contain too many elements and fields to prevent it from being easily readable on the space you want to provide for it on the dashboard.