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Look and Feel

The Look and Feel wizards allow the customization of virtually every aspect of the End User and Power User interface. Most customizations offer a preview of the effect while you edit. Any number of Look and Feel schemes may be created and assigned to different teams. The look and feel a particular user sees is based on their primary team, which allows custom branding for different users. The customizations include variations in font, hover over effects, scroll bars, borders, graphics, headers, footers, and placement preferences.

To access the Look and Feel wizards, go to Setup > Look and Feel:

  • Power User Look and Feel: Customizes a large number of elements on the Power User Interface.
  • End User Look and Feel: Customizes a number of elements on the End User Interface not controlled by EUI templates.
  • Required Field Display: Customizes the look and feel of required fields.
  • Email Schemes: Customizes the appearance of emails sent from the system, as well as the fields and embedded tables included with those emails.
  • Navigation Menu Setup: Customizes the left pane on a team-wide basis. 
  • General Preferences: Customizes general system preferences, such as whether records are edited in a new window, whether the table title is displayed in table views, and whether tables should remember the last search. 
  • Mobile and ADA Interface: Customizes the interface on a team-wide basis when a user accesses the system on a mobile device.

Customize the Interface

The following table indicates where you can customize different elements of the interface using the main Look and Feel wizards for the End User and Power User interfaces.


Wizard Tab


  • Fonts, colors, border, etc
  • Hover over effects


Left Pane Customization - Power User interface only

  • Menu color
  • Hover over effects
  • Pane body style

Left Pane

Page Layout

  • Text font, style, colors, background, etc
  • Scroll bars
  • Hyperlink style
  • Titles


Table records

  • Text font, style, color
  • Odd/Even row background
  • Table headers
  • Hyperlink style


Data input or view record forms

  • Format for values, labels, buttons, help
  • Alternate row background colors
  • Button format


Dashboards and Widgets

  • Background color and style
  • Alignment
  • Text font, size, style, etc.

Charts and Reports

  • Header style
  • Legend style
  • Chart data color

Printed Content

  • Record view background
  • Field label style
  • Headings and instructional text style

System Icons

  • Help, Setup, Calendar, etc.


Website customization

  • Header and footer
  • Graphics


Scheme assignment to teams