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Power User Guide

Power users access the full interface of  Agiloft, where they can manage features such as Dashboards and Reports, and view and edit all the records in a table, depending on their user permissions. 

Contract table in the Power User Interface

The topics in this section of the help will enable a power user to set up the most important aspects of their daily workflow. This includes:

Assigning Power User Roles

Power user roles may be assigned to employees who should have high-level access to  certain records. For example, in contract management an end user may submit a contract via the End User Interface. The Power User might be the contract owner or approver, who would access the Contracts table and make changes to bring it through the approval process. 

A power user may also be a system administrator, and have access to the full Setup menu. This would enable them to do some of the following tasks:

For more information on administrator functions, see the Administrator Guide section of the help.