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The Dashboards screen is the landing page of the Power User Interface, and consists of a highly customizable view of widgets showing an overview of record progress and saved searches related to you. Widgets can display system data in the form of table views, charts, and numerical results; and filters can be used to refine the system data in real-time. To access the dashboards in a knowledgebase, click the Home link in the left pane.


The video below shows how the dashboard can be used in action, with the various widget types, operations, and filters that can be applied:

From here you can launch actions that are of interest to you and see various charts showing the state of records. The dashboards act as a home page by providing quick views of actions and information in the system. Power users can use dashboards to see high-level overviews of their work, and quickly assess the actions they need to take.

Dashboard Topics

The following topics will help you to set up and manage all the elements on dashboards: