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Table View

The table view displays a list of all records for the table and allows you to perform actions, such as editing and creating new records. 

  • The list of visible records depends on the user's permission settings and whether a saved search is applied to the table. 
    Note: If a saved search has been applied, the name of the search appears next to the table name in the view. This is helpful to identify when a table view has been filtered.
  • The Table Summary at the top of the table shows the number of records in the table view. If any search criteria is currently applied, you see the link "Click for details..." 

    Click this link to see the search criteria.
  • Below the Table Summary is a collapsible search block, followed by the Action Bar. To collapse or expand the search block, click Search on the Action Bar.
  • The Action Bar is a toolbar containing icons and links for actions like Search, New Records, Delete Records, or Mass Edit Records. Action bars appear above the records in table views. Some actions require users to select checkboxes in the checkbox column to determine which records are affected by the action.
  • The header row shows a field name above each column. You can sort the table according to the values in a field by clicking the field name in the header row. See Sorting Records in Table Views for more details.
  • The checkbox column lets users select or deselect one or more records on which to perform actions in the Action Bar, such as Delete, Copy, Link, Mass Edit, and Email. To select all records, select the checkbox in the header row, and then choose whether to select the records on this page only or all records found by the current filter.