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Table Variables

Table variables store formulas that can be used throughout the current knowledgebase. They are useful for creating Custom Summary Reports and items on the Dashboard, such as Numeric Result Widgets

The table variable library can be seen at Setup > System > Manage Table Variables. This screen contains all table variables and allows you to create new variables. Whenever a table variable is created elsewhere in the system for use in an operation, it appears in this library where it can be edited. 

Table variables use a combination of saved searches and formulas to calculate a single value that can be used in other system-wide operations. The saved search is used to find a set of records, which are wrapped in a formula to calculate them as a number value. 


If you want to display the number of active contracts that are assigned to you...

  1. In Setup > System > Manage Table Variables, create a new variable and assign it a name such as ContractOwnerMe. Note that the name cannot contain spaces or special characters.
  2. Click Create New Search to create a saved search where the Contract Owner is your ID.
  3. In the Formula section, leave Record Count selected.
  4. In the Variable section, click Generate Variable. This will create a table variable with the name you created, which contains the saved search inside a formula. For example: $summary_variable{contract.Contract,count(*,SS=Contract Owner = Me)}.

You can now use this variable when creating a Custom Summary Report or a Numerical Result Widget. For example, to embed the variable in a Custom Summary Report...

  1. In the Report wizard, select Custom Summary Report, then click Next.
  2. In the Custom Summary tab, click Formula Help, then select the table variable from the list of system variables.