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The License menu can be accessed via Setup > License. From here you can:

  • Request new licenses
  • Manage existing licenses
  • View license usage

Agiloft licensing is based on active named users. There are two basic types of users: Power users and End users. Power users may log in to the power user interface and, depending on their group membership, can have the authority to edit records owned by other users. End users are restricted to the simpler and less privileged End User Interface. Additionally, end users are not able to edit records owned by other users. 

A license agreement may include named and floating user licenses. Briefly, named users are registered to use a particular license and have access to the system 24/7. Floating user licenses are shared by more than one user who logs into the system infrequently. They may remain logged in 24/7 provided there is an available floating license. Floating licenses are released two minutes after a user logs out.

Licensing is based on the hostname, KB name, and IP address of the server, therefore a new license must be generated and installed if Agiloft is moved from one server to another. This service is covered at no additional cost under the maintenance agreement.

  • In the Manage License screen, the License Type column indicates what kind of license is installed. Contact to learn more about the various editions of  Agiloft or see our pricing page.
  • The following page describes the differences between system features available in the different editions of  AgiloftFeature Comparison

Request New Licenses

To request a new license:

  1. Log in to your knowledgebase as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Setup > License.
  3. Click Request a New License.
  4. Fill out the form to request new licenses. In the comments section, note which edition of Agiloft you've subscribed to.
    Note: If you have any pricing or licensing queries, please contact
  5. Confirm the default Hostname, IP, and Database, then fill out the contact information to receive your licenses.
  6. Click Submit Request.
  7. Check your email inbox. Most license requests arrive within a few minutes; the email will contain the license keys for you to install.

Note that you can define where the user is brought after requesting a new license on a KB and server level using the Manual License Request URL global variable.

Manage Licenses

From the License Management screen you can install and delete licenses, view license parameters, and manage assigned licenses.

Install Licenses

To install a license:

  1. Navigate to Setup > License > Manage Licenses.
  2. Click New.
  3. Copy and paste the License key from your email into the input box.
  4. Click Install License.

Manage Assigned Licenses

Agiloft offers a flexible way to manage and assign licenses by user, via saved searches, or automatically. By default, most User licenses are assigned automatically as they log in to the system. For instance, when a user in a designated Power User permission group logs in for the first time, the system assigns one of the available named licenses to that user.

Set the license assignment policy

  1. From the License Management screen, click Manage Assigned Licenses for the appropriate license. This button only appears for user-type licenses.
  2. In the pop-up, select the assignment policy. License assignment works in the following way:
    1. If the option 'license is applied automatically upon login. 
    2. If the option 'Automatically when a user record is created that meets this saved search' is selected and the user logging in satisfies the saved search condition, the assigned license is applied. 
    3. If the option 'Wait for them to be assigned by an admin' is selected and the admin already assigned one of the assigned licenses to the user, then the assigned license is applied. 
    4. If there are no assigned licenses available, and the user has not already had an assigned license assigned to him due to one of the above conditions, then a concurrent/floating license is used. 
  3. Click Finish to apply your selection to the license assignment.
  4. Click the View/Manage Assigned License button to open a window where the admin can select users using the magnifying glass icon, and assign licenses for all of them at once via the Assign Selected Users button.

Assign user licenses manually

  1. From the Licenses Management screen, click View/Manage Assigned License next to the appropriate license.
  2. In the pop-up, click View/Manage Assigned License.
  3. In the next pop-up, use the magnifying glass icon to look for and select the users by clicking Import/Append.
  4. Once the users are imported, select their records again and click Assign Selected Users.
  5. When the screen refreshes, the newly assigned users appear in the Current Assigned Licenses embedded table.

Terminate User Licenses

Terminating a users license will prevent them from logging in to the system, and frees the license so it can be assigned to another user. There are two ways to terminate user licenses.

Immediately terminate a user's license

  1. Navigate to Setup > License > View Usage to open the License Usage screen
  2. Select a user.
  3. Click Terminate a user on the action bar. Click OK in the confirmation dialog. The user's lock on the license will expire after 24 hours unless they log in; after 24 hours the the license will be available for assignment to another user.

Terminate multiple licensed power users

  1. Navigate to Setup > License > Manage Licenses. This screen shows the currently available license types: power user, enterprise, etc.
  2. Click Manage Assigned Licenses for the appropriate license type, typically power user.
  3. In the next screen, click View/Manage Assigned License.
  4. Use the checkboxes to multi-select users, then click Terminate a user.
  5. Click OK in the confirmation.
    Terminate multiple user licenses

View License Usage

To view license usage, go to Setup > License > View Usage. This screen shows a list of all users currently using a license, the date of their last login, and other license usage details.

In the license usage screen you can:

  • Terminate user licenses
  • Log a user out
  • Log out all users