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In general, variables are values stored in predefined formats that are accessible throughout a knowledgebase. The various types include:

  • Global Variables: Administrative settings that change some aspect of the system itself. See Global Variables List for information on all global variables in the system.
  • System Constants: Variables defined for the entire knowledgebase that return values based on the system configuration.
  • Table Variables: Variables that store formulas and calculate values based on a collection of records or fields in a table.
  • Field Variables: Variables that return values based on fields in a record.
  • User Variables: Variables that return values based on the current user's record in the People table.

Using Variables

To use a variable in a formula expression, wizard field, search, or report, you need to prefix it with a "$," such as $conversion_rate. When you insert variables with the Formula Help wizard, the system adds the "$" automatically. To minimize errors, we recommend inserting variables with the Formula Help wizard whenever possible.

Whether you are using a global variable, user variable, or other variable, refer to it by the variable name, not the label. The label is how the variable appears to users, whereas the name is how the variable is stored in the system. For instance, conversion_rate is a variable name, but Conversion Rate is a variable label.