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System Setup

The topics in this section discuss some of the configuration items in the Setup menu that define how the system behaves. 

  • System Time SettingsThe knowledgebase time zone determines when rules in the system run. This is especially important when the knowledgebase server is in a different location from the user's local time or other users' time zones. 
  • Security: These key security settings are essential for securing your system.
  • Variables: Variables are values stored in predefined formats that control a large range of system behavior and can be used in places such as formulas, print templates, and email templates.
  • Activity Logs: Activity logs control how the system tracks usage and statistics. You can use activity logs to audit behavior and troubleshoot issues. 
  • Synonym Dictionaries: Dictionaries control the behavior of synonym searching.
  • Storing Attachments in S3: Review your system settings for managing attachments that are backed up to S3 storage.