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Manage Documents with Adobe Sign

Document signing will usually be integrated into a workflow between signing parties as part of the contract management process. Documents will either be uploaded into the file field, or generated from print templates. For more information, see Create Print Templates with Adobe Sign Tags.

In the document file field, the "To Be eSigned" choice determines whether the document will go through Adobe Sign e-signing when the Adobe Sign action is initiated. 

Signing Order

The values selected for the envelope signing order and signature flow will determine how Adobe processes the document for signing between its recipients, once it has been sent. 

Signing Order

The signing order is defined in the Adobe Sign Recipient screen. This is a number specifying the order in which the current recipient will receive this envelope for signature. 

Signature Flow

The signature flow sets the order of signing between the sender and the recipient(s). Once the envelope is sent for signature, it will go to the first recipient in the signing order, unless the signature flow specifies an order for the envelope sender to sign.

The order can be:

  • Sequential - following the signing order defined in the recipient list
  • Sender signs only/last/first/not required - forces the sender to sign in a different order from the recipient(s).
  • Parallel - both the sender and recipients will receive the document to sign simultaneously.

Signature Blocks

Adobe Sign will automatically generate signature blocks for each document. 

Create Adobe Sign Envelopes

  1. Either in the Adobe Sign Envelopes table or in another table where an Adobe Sign action button/rule has been added, create an Adobe Sign Envelope through the relevant action.
    1. For instance, the standard Contract table has a Signature tab where you can create envelopes. 
  2. Add an email subject and body, attach a document to be sent as the signing document, and set which signatures are required for the document in the Signature Flow drop-down.
  3. Select the relevant recipients.
    1. Ensure that the reminder frequency and envelope deadline are correct.
    2. Optionally preview the file in Adobe PDF.
  4. Send the envelope.

Signing Process

The first recipients specified in the signature order and flow will receive a notification by email from Adobe Sign.

The recipients do not need to have an Adobe Sign account to use their email address for signing the document. For more information, see How to Sign Agreements

  1. Whenever the document is signed, the relevant recipients will be notified by email. 
  2. To track the progress of a document and manage the audit trail, open the Envelope record and click the History tab. 
  3. Note that the Statuses of the envelope workflow are updated automatically by Adobe and maintained in the Adobe Sign Statuses table. For more information, see Adobe Sign Tables and Setup.

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