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eSigning Integrations

Agiloft integrates with both DocuSign and Adobe Sign for electronic signature purposes.  This article describes the pricing, user handling, and other differences between the two options.

User Handling

DocuSign: DocuSign has a Send On Behalf Of Rights (API) option that allows multiple DocuSign Users to create and send DocuSign Envelopes under the same DocuSign account. Users may also be set up individually to send under their own names.

Adobe Sign: In general, any user who sends agreements must be added to the Adobe Sign account. An alternative method is to use a single email address that is associated with the main Adobe Sign account and let all Agiloft users send agreements as that user. For more information, see Decision About Who Documents Come From.

File Size Limits

DocuSign: There is no limit on the number of files that can be added to an envelope, as long as they are uploaded in batches of 25 MB or less. Depending on the recipient's internet connection, signing performance might be affected if large files or large number of files are attached.

Adobe Sign: Adobe Sign has an agreement size limit of 10 MB.

Account Restrictions

DocuSign: A user can have multiple DocuSign accounts under the same email address. Organizations with an existing DocuSign account do not need to set up another account for use within Agiloft.

Adobe Sign: A single email address cannot be used for multiple Adobe Sign accounts. This means an email address used for a particular Adobe Sign account cannot be used with other systems or agreements outside of Agiloft. If your organization already has an Adobe Sign account for use with another system, it cannot be used for eSignature within AgiloftThe Adobe Sign account for use within Agiloft is set up within Agiloft and must be a dedicated account for use within Agiloft only. Even if an email address was used only to receive an agreement at some point, perhaps during a demonstration or testing, that email address would need to be manually released by Adobe Sign customer support before it can be added to an Adobe Sign production account.