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Create Document Templates with Adobe Sign Tags

Setting up Word-based document templates in  Agiloft with the appropriate Adobe Sign Tags is a key part of the integration, as this enables  Agiloft to transfer signer information and required signature placement to the Adobe Sign API. By automating document creation with document templates, the user who generates the contract document and the Adobe Sign Envelope does not have to manually place signature tags and related information for each signer in the Adobe Sign interface. For more information see Creating Document Templates

Adobe Sign Tags in document templates use the following syntax:

(<Required>)(<ReadOnly>):Field Name:ES Identifier:Role:Field Type:(:Rules)

The following information demonstrates the syntax. More information about the tags demonstrated below can be found in either the Tag Elements section or the Adobe resource.

  • (<Required>):  *
  • (<ReadOnly>): !
  • Field Name: Sign
  • ES Identifier: _es_
  • Role: signer1
  • Field Type: signature
  • Rules: N/A

A signature block that includes the Adobe Sign tags for the signer's signature, initials, and the date signed, as well as the  Agiloft variables for the signer's full name and title, might look like this:

Signature: {{Sig_es_:signer1:signature}}
Name: {{N_es_:signer1:fullname}}
Title: {{Ttl1_es_:signer1:title}}
Date: {{Dte1_es_:signer1:date}}

Tag Elements

For an extensive list of text tag elements, visit the Adobe resource. The first list below consists of tags that are used most often in Agiloft. You can see examples of these tags in action above.

  • Required: Asterisks act as optional flags that mark the the field as required. If the field is not required, users have the option to leave the field blank during signing.
  • ReadOnly: Exclamation marks act as optional flags that make the field read-only. The data in read-only fields cannot be modified by users during the signing process.
  • Field Name: Refers to fields within  Agiloft tables that are then pulled into the Adobe Sign envelope.
  • ES Identifier: The text string _es_ is an Adobe Sign specific string that is a required element of Adobe Sign tags. If the string is not included, certain Adobe Sign features will not be activated. 
  • Directive: These are variables that define the type of data allowed in the field. Directives begin with a colon. Some commonly used directives include:
    • Role: Defined role of the referenced user.
    • Field Type: Adobe Sign form field.
    • Rules: Other advanced rules.

This next list contains information about some other commonly used tags.

  • Optional signing: You can make signature or initial fields optional by adding tags before the _es_ identifier tag.
    • Optional signature: {{OSig_es_:Role:FieldType}}
    • Optional initials: {{OInt_es_:Role:FieldType}}
  • Checkboxes: You can insert checkboxes into a document template by inserting square brackets within curly brackets. To check by default, add an x within the square brackets.
    • Blank checkbox: {{[]}}
    • Checkbox selected by default: {{[x]}}
  • Conditional Fields: You can assign conditions to any field. If a condition is defined on a required field, it is only treated as required if the condition makes the field visible to the signer during signing. The most common conditional fields are text fields.
    • Text Field: This is used to assign a value to a text field.
      • Example: Title!=Senior Title~=Chief Price>100
  • Image Fields: Image fields are used to capture an image file, like a photo, or a scanned document. These images are extractable from the signed document. The directive requires an additional parameter at the end of the syntax in parentheses to determine the height of the field.
    • Example: {{Image1_es_:signer1:inlineimage(4)}}
  • Prefill Fields: Sometimes, the sender does not need to sign the agreement, but is instead required to enter specific data to the agreement. This is accomplished by adding a prefill directive to the relevant form fields. Adding a prefill directive to a field ensures that the sender fills out the necessary information before the agreement is sent out.
    • Example: {{Field1_es_:prefill}}

For more examples on Adobe Sign text tags, please see the Adobe Sign Text Tag Guide