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Adobe Sign Integration

Adobe Sign integrates with Agiloft to provide electronic signature solutions for contract and document management customers. Integrating Adobe Sign with a knowledgebase (KB) enables you to send documents in the form of agreements and allow recipients and senders to sign them using Adobe Sign. The agreement and sending status are then updated automatically in the KB. For more information on Adobe Sign pricing and user management, see eSigning IntegrationsFor more information on the tables and and fields used in this integration, see the setup for the Standard system or the setup for the ITIL system.

Before integrating with Adobe Sign, it's important to keep the following in mind:

  • Before integrating Adobe Sign with your KB, you need to consider whether to send agreements from a single account or multiple accounts. Single accounts are simpler to maintain, but they also allow non-admin users to access admin functionality on the Adobe Sign website. For more information about choosing whether to use single or multiple accounts, see User Accounts in Adobe Sign Integration.
  • Adobe Sign uses the term "agreement," which is synonymous with "envelope," which you might see in older versions of Agiloft. Adobe Sign documents are sent in the form of agreements, which can be purchased individually through an  Agiloft KB or directly from Adobe if you have an Enterprise account.
  • There is a size limit of 10 MB per agreement. If the total file size of the agreement exceeds that, it fails on sending. If you need to send larger files regularly, consider reaching out to Adobe Sign to request a limit increase.
  • If you're behind a firewall and Adobe Sign is not working properly, forward all traffic to https://your_server.fullwebname/extension/as/*.