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A field is a place in a record to input a specific type of information.  Agiloft supports fields of many different data types, such as Text, Multi-Choice, Integer, File with Versioning, Email, URL, Date, Currency, and so on. Each data type can be configured with settings and requirements specific to its type. For instance, an Integer field might require a value between 1 and 100, and a Currency field may be shown with the currency symbol before or after the value. For a full list of data types, see List of Data Types.

Each field has a field name and a field label. The field name is the name stored in the system's database, and it cannot contain spaces or most special characters. The field label is the value that users see on the interface, and it can contain spaces and special characters. It can also be translated into multiple foreign languages so that the user sees the language specified by their browser settings, thanks to  Agiloft's full National Language Support.

You can generate an Excel file of your system's field information by going to Setup > Tables. From there, click Generate field documentation for all tables, and complete the form that appears.

For more information about field functionality and specific data types, see the following articles.