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Activity Logs Setup

Click Setup > System > Configure Activity Log to define what statistics are kept of system usage and for how long they are retained.

You can click New, or Edit the one that's been already created.

For example:

In this wizard you can:

  • Choose the language in which the report should be generated.
  • Define or select a saved search for which user's actions should be logged.
  • Select which actions should be logged for the set of users defined above. An action is only logged if it selected from this list and is executed by a user who meets the search criteria defined above.
  • Define for how long entries created by this rule should be retained. If a rule is deleted, any records created by the rule are also deleted.
  • You can run activity reports showing you how often specific reports on other tables have been run. An activity log entry will be created whenever the report is run manually, run according to a schedule, or run when the power user interface home page on which it sits is opened.