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Activity Log Table

Purpose: The Activity Log table is a special table used by Agiloft administrators to monitor events such as Logins and modifications to the Knowledgebase.


Use Case

Activity Log records are created by the Agiloft system. No group has permission to manually create records in this table.The Activity Log table is hidden from the left pane and only available from the Setup > Tables menu. Only the Admin group has access to the table by default; the table must first be activated by the Admin group to appear in the left pane.The Activity Log provides a system-wide history of changes based on pre-defined criteria. By default, the system tracks all logins, all deletions, and certain admin activities that have occurred in the past month. The activity log may be configured to capture other information by creating a new Audit Rule record through the Setup > System > Configure Activity Log menu. Both the items tracked and log duration are configurable for each Activity Log configuration record.


Records in this table are created by the system. Ownership cannot be assigned.


The Activity Log table contains the following default Chart/Reports:

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