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My Assigned Inbox

The My Assigned inbox is a menu in the left pane. 
My assigned inbox
An entry appears in the My Assigned section for each table when:

  1. The user has permission to view records.
  2. A search with the name My Assigned is set up.
  3. The My Assigned search is both accessible and active for the user's groups.

Select an item in the inbox to run the My Assigned search for the table listed in the search name. For example, the My Assigned Companies search finds all records assigned to the logged in user in the Companies table. My Assigned searches can be customized by individual users.

The All My Assigned Records search runs the My Assigned searches for all available tables and shows only those that have populated results.

To select whether to show the number of matching records for every included table, navigate to Home > Preferences.

Option to show all matching records

As noted above, choosing Yes on this option will cause slower login times.