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User Menu

The User Menu is found on the top toolbar, under the user name and icon. Click the name or icon to open the user menu and access Preferences, My Profile, the Language selection menu, or to Logout.

Preferences in the User Menu


The Preferences menu allows you to customize the behavior of certain system-wide features for your user account: Navigation Menu SetupGeneral PreferencesMobile/ADA Interface, and Customize Shortcuts.

The Look and Feel wizard contains the same settings found here, but it also includes General and Apply tabs used to save schemes and apply them to sets of users. The Preferences menu controls these settings only for yourself, while Look and Feel is used to control these settings for many users at once.

Customize the Navigation Menu

The Preferences menu allows you to define your own navigation menu arrangement, including the items visible to you and the order and grouping of tables. Navigation Menu Setup describes how to set up your own navigation menu.

If you have a customized set of preferences, and an administrator makes a change to your team's settings and chooses to notify you about it, a notification icon appears next to the Preferences option in the user menu. This notification leads you to the administrator's message, which can help you decide whether to keep your customized settings or reset your preferences to match the team's default settings. If you do reset to the defaults, you can always customize your preferences again.

Apply Preference Settings to Teams

Admin users can apply a set of preferences to other Teams. To apply preferences on a team-wide basis, go to Setup > Look and Feel and select the appropriate option: Navigation Menu Setup, General Preferences, Mobile/ADA Interface, or Customize Shortcuts.

My Profile

The My Profile section opens your record from the Employee table. On the Contact Information tab, you can see all your personal details. The email address specified here is used by the system to send and receive notifications, reminders, reports, and so on. The cell phone number is hard-coded and used when two-factor authentication is enabled. You can also view and change your user login details in this section.

My Profile example

The Job tab stores your employment information, as well as your work and home addresses.

Note that your permissions determine the fields and tabs that you can see in your profile, so you might see different fields than the example image.


Use the Language selection menu to change the interface between supported languages. You can also go to the Language menu and select the language you are already using in order to quickly refresh the whole interface.