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Mobile and ADA Interface

The Mobile/ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) interface area lets you configure preferences on a team-wide basis for when users access the system on a mobile device or require an ADA compliant interface on their PC. Changes made here will appear for all selected teams, unless a user has customized their own preferences in their Preferences menu. You can create multiple configurations and apply them to teams.

The Mobile/ADA interface is selected automatically when users access the system from a mobile device, or you can force its use by appending &gui=LowRes to the login URL.

Configuring the Mobile/ADA Interface

Mobile/ADA interface configurations are customized with the Mobile/ADA Interface wizard. The wizard contains three tabs for customizing the configuration.

To access the Mobile/ADA Interface wizard:

  1. Click the Setup gear in the top-right corner and go to Look and Feel > Mobile/ADA Interface.
  2. Edit an existing configuration, or click New to create a new configuration.
  3. Use the General tab to add a label, name, and description for the current configuration.
  4. On the Preferences tab, set the options for configuring the Mobile/ADA interface:
    • Maximum number of saved searches shown in the Recent Searches and Search Box windows
    • Maximum width of an input field when editing a record
    • Whether to show empty fields when viewing a record
    • Whether the field label is above or to the left of the input box
    • Which tables and saved searches appear on the Home window as favorites
  5. On the Apply tab, you can assert the current configuration for selected teams and users. This replaces the current general preferences for any team members who haven't personalized their general preferences.
    • The "Apply changes to me now" option applies the new configuration to you. If this is deselected, the changes apply to the selected teams, but they don't override your personalized preferences.
    • The "Make this main default Left Pane for" option makes this configuration the default for users whose primary team is selected in the list. Here, you can also apply this configuration as the default for any new teams that are created.
    • The "Push to users" option controls if and how you offer the updates to affected users.
      • Do not push changes to users: This option doesn't push any changes to existing users, but it still allows you to save updates to the configuration for future use.
      • Force changes upon users: This updates the preferences for all affected users automatically.
      • Notify users about optional changes: This notifies users that updates were made to their team's preferences, and they can choose to accept those updates or leave their preferences unchanged. For users without permission to modify their own preferences, this option works the same way as "Force changes upon users," and the changes are made automatically. If you choose this option, you must enter a message to show with the notification.