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AI Platform

With an AI Platform license, you can use the following artificial intelligence features in Agiloft:


AI Platform requires an additional AI Platform license.


Work with your  Agiloft representative to deploy and configure AI Platform. This process involves deploying the platform, setting up OCR Cloud services, and updating the KB with additional tables that are used for platform features.


Deploying AI Platform automatically creates the following tables in your KB:

  • AI Projects: This table holds information for two kinds of projects, listed below. This is the process table for AI Platform, where most workflows occur.
    • AI Label Training: used to create new labels for AI to use in contract import- and review-related workflows. 
    • Legacy Import: used to process multiple contracts into records at once, using an AI model to extract relevant data. AI Label Training is used to widen the amount of labels that a Legacy Import project can extract automatically.
  • AI Project Documents: This table holds contract attachments that are used to either train new AI Label Models or create new contract records. Usually, these attachments are uploaded in a related table in an AI Project record, rather than being added directly to this table.
  • Label Library: This table holds records that reflect general categories an AI Label Model may fall under, like Termination clauses.
  • AI Label Models: This table is a subtable of Label Library, and holds a record for each individual label. An example of an AI Label Model record would be a Termination clause used specifically for Employment Agreements.
  • AI Model Versions: This table holds a record for each iteration of a custom AI Label Model. This is useful if you want to use a version of the model that was trained using an earlier data set.
  • AI Document Types: This table holds records of different kinds of contract documents. These are used to match AI Label Models with the contracts they've been trained to work on.