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Publish Actions

This action is used to publish key terms and clauses to the Contract table after they have been identified in a contract document and reviewed by a user.

The Publish action used by AI Platform is automatically created, so you don't need to create additional Publish actions. However, if you need to modify that action or create one for any reason, use this information to guide you.


This feature requires an AI Platform license.

Create a Publish Action

To create a Publish action:

  1. Navigate to Setup [Table] of the table you'd like to add the action to.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Scroll down and click Publish Action.
  4. Give the action a name and a description.
  5. Navigate to the Options tab.
  6. For Mode, you can choose whether you want to modify publishing parameters during runtime, or if you want publishing to run with default values selected.
    1. Select foreground if you want to set parameters related to publishing when the action runs.
    2. Select background if you want to run the action without any user input during runtime. The image below shows the default parameters, as well as the modal window that appears if you select foreground.
  7. Under Input, select the field where the AAFJSON source data is held in the table.
  8. Click Finish.