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Document Analysis Action

Document Analysis actions use artificial intelligence to extract key terms and clauses from your contracts

A Document Analysis action is a more label-centric way of extracting data than the other AI-related action type, the Machine Learning action. Machine Learning actions use one AI model to extract labels, whereas the Document Analysis action extracts a configurable label list that can leverage any number of models, including third-party models. 


An AI Platform license is required to use a Document Analysis action. 

Creating a Document Analysis Action

You'll likely use Document Analysis Actions for legacy import and third party contract negotiation workflows. To create a Document Analysis action:

  1. Navigate to the table where you'd like the action to run from and select Setup (Table).
  2. Go to the Actions tab.
  3. Select Document Analysis Action.
  4. Give the action a name and a description.
  5. Under Contracts Table, ensure that the table you store your contracts in is selected.
  6. For Processing Type:
    • Choose Single document if the document analysis action is working on a single contract. This is more common for a third-party contract negotiation workflow.
    • Choose Batch if you are working on multiple contracts. This is more common for a legacy import workflow.
  7. Navigate to the Labels tab.
  8. Choose whether you'd like the document analysis action to Use all available labels, or if you'd like it to extract a selection with Manually select tables. In most cases, it is highly recommended to choose your selection. To do so:
    1. Select Manually select labels and then click Add Labels.
    2. Select the labels.
    3. Click Import/Append.
  9. Once you're all set with your labels, navigate to the Options tab.
  10. The first three options (Document field, Document Type field, and Annotation field) are filled in already based on the table in step 5.
  11. For Output options, consider the following:
    • Select Add to existing content to add the output to the respective empty field.
    • Select Overwrite existing content to add the output to the respective field, replacing the current value.
    • Select Add to existing content, replace existing annotations with the same label and partial or complete text match to add the output to respective empty fields while also updating similar current values.
  12. Under Status field, select the field that will indicate what stage of analysis the document is in. 
  13. Under Errors field, select the field that can display any errors that the document analysis action may have

Using a Document Analysis Action

Document Analysis action are generally used in an action button in the Contract or Attachment table, to then initiate artificial intelligence workflows.

If you try to run a document analysis action and you receive an error message about an annual limit, you have reached the limit of documents you can analyze. You can check this limit in the License record. The default value is determined by your AI Platform package. For more information, reach out to your  Agiloft representative.