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DocuSign Troubleshooting

Use this page to help guide you when you experience issues with DocuSign.

Missing Envelopes

If DocuSign envelopes aren't being received, reset the connection to the DocuSign server:

  • Log in to Agiloft as the DocuSign administrator.

  • Go to Setup > Integration and click Configure under DocuSign Extension.

  • Click Disable DocuSign Connect. This brings you back to the Integration menu.
  • Click Configure under DocuSign Extension again.
  • Click Enable DocuSign Connect.

Resending Envelopes

When a connection is established, you need to resend any envelopes that were sent and not received:

  1. Go to the DocuSign Envelopes table.
  2. Open the envelope you want to resend.
  3. Click Send.

If you prefer, you can instead resend them through DocuSign:

  1. Log in to DocuSign as the administrator.
  2. Click Manage on the toolbar.
  3. Check each folder and resend any envelopes that failed.
    DocuSign folders

Publish URL Error

If you encounter an error message about the Publish URL, log in to DocuSign, go to Settings > Connect, and open your Connect configuration. Then, check the value in the URL to Publish field.

DocuSign Connect Configurations screen, showing an active connection with the knowledgebase

Server Issues

If your server is not openly accessible to the web, you might see a closed server error. To resolve it, check the following to enable secure port access for DocuSign Connect:

  • Open port access: In the web server, open up access to port 443 for the specified DocuSign IP ranges listed in the DocuSign security whitelist in the Trust section.
  • Configure proxy: If there is an active proxy or firewall, configure it to also allow URL and port forwarding from: https://external-address:443/extension
  • Update the DocuSign certificate: Your SSL certificate might be outdated. Download the latest public DocuSign Connect certificate and add it to the server.
  • Manage hotlinks: All hotlinks for the server should be pointing to https://external-address/. This means that when an admin creates a DocuSign Connect configuration and clicks Enable DocuSign Connect in the DocuSign wizard, Agiloft will use the external address to create the configuration in the DocuSign website.

Permission Issues

If you have multiple users sending envelopes with the same shared DocuSign account, make sure that account is configured to allow this behavior.

Go to Settings > Users and Groups > Permission Profiles and enable "Allow send on behalf of other users through API" for the user's permission profile.

Additional Troubleshooting Tools

If your issue isn't resolved by the information on this page, there are additional troubleshooting tools that might help you.

Error Logging

DocuSign has an error logging feature you can use to trace issues.

  1. Log in to DocuSign, click your user icon in the top right, and click My Preferences.
  2. Scroll down and click Enable Logging, then click Save.

With logging enabled, reproduce the issue in  Agiloft and then return to the same location in DocuSign and click Download to save the log file. You can attach this log file if you need to engage Support for assistance.

DocuSign Connect

Use the DocuSign Connect configuration in the DocuSign admin console to monitor logs and failures, and to control certain settings, such as the Gateway. To access it, log in to DocuSign, go to Settings > Connect, and open your Connect configuration.

DocuSign Support

If you encounter a specific error message that doesn't appear on this page, search the error text in quotation marks ("") on the DocuSign support page. DocuSign maintains information about many error messages that can appear during DocuSign workflows, and how to resolve the issues.