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EUI Access and Permissions

A Guest user is only allowed to browse FAQs, but more privileges can be extended to registered end users.

Registered users usually belong to a 'Customer' group. There may be more than one customer group depending upon your specific business needs. The scope of the user's access within the End User Interface is controlled by the permissions granted to their group. Registered users must also be assigned to a team so they can access table views and EUI schemes defined for their team.

Access to FAQs

The End User Interface allows users to find answers to their questions by browsing collections of frequently asked questions (FAQ) that have been published for them. The FAQ tab provides access to stored questions and answers on a particular subject. An administrator can define one or several FAQ collections and publish them to specific user groups.

Access to Search FAQ tab is based on group membership and can be configured from several places. In the Setup FAQ wizard, found at Setup> End User Interface > Setup FAQ, Select FAQ to edit, then click the "Access" tab. This process is best if you're setting up a new FAQ collection for multiple user groups to view.

In the default EUI, you must also set up an FAQ template page and use the #ew_faq macro.

Finer group-level control is accessed from the Edit Group wizard, select the Group to edit, select the Table containing FAQs, click the Permissions tab, and locate the checkbox View FAQs for $tablename near the bottom right.

If you have several tables containing FAQs, you will need to repeat this process for each, selecting the appropriate table in the second tab and proceeding from there.

Groups can be granted access to one or several FAQ collections. Users may access items in an FAQ collection based on the combination of the following criteria:

  • Group permissions that define table level access. These are available at Setup> Access > Manage Groups, editing the relevant group and clicking the Table tab.
  • Saved searches that define record level access for groups. Go to Setup > Access > Manage Groups, edit the relevant group and click the Permissions tab.
  • Default saved searches defined for each table that holds FAQ records, available at Setup > End-User FAQs.

Important: FAQ record permissions override any established field-level group permissions. The user will see all fields defined in a FAQ layout, regardless of the field level permissions granted to their group.

Access to My Profile

The My Profile tab allows users to edit their user record. This tab is only shown to users who belong to a group with permission to edit their own Contacts. Only the fields the user is permitted to view or edit are displayed.

Access to My Items – Legacy EUI only

The Legacy EUI version that contained My Items is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release.

The Toolbar displays only the tabs that the user has permission to view based on their group membership.

For example, the user may be authorized to view Case and Asset tables, but may create new records only in Case. In this scenario, the user will see New Case on the Toolbar, and My Cases and My Assets in the My Items menu. Table and record access to My Items is controlled by navigating to Setup > Access > Manage Groups and editing the relevant group, See Permissions for further info.

The user's view of the table may be filtered by a saved search defined when group permissions are applied, for example only Cases where Company is the same as the user's company.