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What's New

Agiloft provides quarterly releases with new functionality, plus monthly maintenance releases consisting of corrections only. This page highlights some of the most important and exciting recent enhancements to the software, but for the full list of changes for each version, make sure to review the full list of Release Notes.

This page covers updates for Release 25.1.

You can find the latest  Agiloft downloadable installer at, or contact Support to request an upgrade if your knowledgebase is hosted in the cloud. The most recent release notes can be found here: Release Notes.

Previous ReleaseCurrent Release
Release 25Release 25.1

New and improved Google Drive integration

Enjoy a new and improved Google Drive integration, now with access to open all your files in Drive for easy editing and sharing with the very latest version of the file. Move seamlessly between Agiloft and the Google editing suite for .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx files, where you can take advantage of collaborating, commenting, and assigning tasks. Agiloft maintains an up-to-date version of the file as well, so you can use your Drive files in Agiloft automation like email notifications, document comparison actions, and more. 

For information about configuring the integration with Google Drive, see Agiloft Google Drive Integration.

If your KB is already integrated with Google Drive, you must modify your configuration in order to take advantage of the new and improved version.

Left pane and old UI deprecated

The left pane and previous user interface are no longer available as of this release. Any navigation menus that are still set to use the left pane will automatically transition to top nav bars, and all users will automatically see the new UI features, including drag-and-drop columns in table view, updated Quick Search, and more.

We do not recommend leaving your navigation menus to transition automatically. To give your users the best experience, make a plan to review each navigation menu and edit it to create a helpful, usable top nav bar. For guidance on managing this process and giving users time to adjust, see Switching to the New User Interface.

As part of this change, FAQs and the Calendar are also being deprecated.

Usability Improvements

This release introduces several usability improvements and new options you can use to improve user workflows in your system.

Added features for Modal actions

Enjoy enhanced Modal actions that now support:

  • Editing a linked record in another table
  • Opening a modal from the table view using an action button
  • Including links to single fields with multiple values enabled
  • Automatically sizing the modal window to fit the largest field width

The Save and Cancel buttons are also now placed in their own section at the bottom of the modal for consistency and improved user experience.

Finally, if a Modal action is added to a rule, a warning appears to remind the users that rules do not execute Modal actions.

Action types now visible in Action Button setup

When you create or edit an action button, the list of actions now includes the prefixes that indicate action type. This makes it easier to determine the best order, and offers confirmation on what each action does, especially if an action has an unclear name.

Customize button text in Validation actions

Validation actions now offer the option to add custom labels to the buttons that appear, if the action is configured as a warning. For example, you might prefer to show a button labeled Save the Record, rather than the default text, Ignore Warning and Save.

To customize these labels, simply edit a Validation action and select "Allow saving after confirming the dialog that appears." With this option selected, you can choose which buttons appear and how they are labeled.

Open Agiloft contracts directly from the Word app

Easily open contracts in Agiloft from the Word app by simply clicking the icon next to the contract title. This section also now includes the parent contract ID, if there is one.

AI Enhancements

These changes improve your experience working with AI.

Sentence-level tagging for clause extraction models in AI Trainer

Agiloft's AI Trainer now allows you to train clauses at the sentence-level, instead of requiring you to tag the whole paragraph. This is useful for clauses that don't span entire paragraphs, and provides more freedom and flexibility when performing annotations.

Document viewer now shows a count of annotations and suggestions

When working with annotations or AI, the document viewer now shows a count for the annotations and AI suggestions associated with the open Contract record.

Example annotation sidebar with the count shown

Show Highlights option is now always available in the Document Viewer

Access the Show Highlights option in the document viewer at any time, which allows you to toggle annotation visibility for any document that has annotations. This setting is listed in the options (ellipses) menu of the document viewer, along with the Print Records and Download options. Annotations are added to contracts with the Word app or with the Google Docs app.

Previously, Show Highlights was only available in the context of adding annotations.

Show Highlights option selected