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Welcome to the Agiloft help and documentation portal! If you’re new to Agiloft, this a good place to get acquainted with our basic functionality. If you’re already familiar with our software, you can use the search function to find answers to more complex questions. 

The Agiloft Advantage

Agiloft provides business software capable of automating any business process, improving customer relationships, managing workflows, and creating a secure, auditable space for your information. Agiloft requires no custom coding, which allows you to easily create fully automated systems to fit your company’s needs. Multiple out-of-the-box solutions are available to get you started as quickly as possible:

Contract Management

Automate the complete contract lifecycle, streamline your approval process, and integrate contract information into related business processes.


Bring agility and control to your IT service operations and deliver exceptional service to customers across the enterprise with a Flexible ITIL Service Desk.

Internal Helpdesk

Close tickets faster than ever, minimize interruptions, and deliver exceptional service across the enterprise with Agiloft’s flexible Help Desk solution.

IT Ticketing

Streamline the processes that keep your business running. Auto-assign issues to the right individual, escalate when necessary, and track the time spent with a full audit trail of all actions.

Customer Support

Consolidate your support operations, reduce response times, and improve customer satisfaction with Agiloft’s holistic customer support solution.

Project and Task Management

From standard internal task workflows to complex client projects, Agiloft helps your team collaborate more effectively to keep your projects on track, on budget, and on time.

Asset Management

Automate and manage the complete asset lifecycle, control costs, and improve asset reliability with Flexible Asset Management that integrates seamlessly with your Service Desk.

Change Management

Streamline change procedures, ensure consistency, and reduce risk with Flexible Change Management that integrates seamlessly with your Service Desk.

RMA Processing

Automate and streamline your RMA process using just your browser for a flexible solution that adapts to your evolving business needs.

Document Management

Manage your company’s documents, from contracts and user guides to HR materials, knowledgebase articles, and financial reports.

Workflow and BPM

Improve efficiency, performance, and communication across your organization. Agiloft provides a highly configurable and versatile framework to automate and manage even the most complex task flows and custom business processes.

License Generation

Streamline license generation and renewal, improve the customer experience, and increase renewal rates with Agiloft’s Agile License Generation solution.

Help Wiki Overview

This wiki serves as a reference for the building blocks of Agiloft. We begin by introducing the basic components and then move into more detailed explanations of functionality.

Many of the concepts and terms we discuss appear frequently in our documentation, program text, and conversations with support staff, so it’s helpful to understand how all the pieces fit together. We include examples designed to deepen your understanding of the program and answer fundamental questions about how the system works.