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The RateOfExchange formula outputs the exchange rate between two currencies, either now or using a historic exchange rate based on a date field. The exchange rates are published by the European Central Bank.




RateOfExchange("USD", "EUR")Result is the current exchange rate between US dollars and Euros.
RateOfExchange("JPY", "USD", $payment_date)Results in the exchange rate between Japanese yen and US dollars on the date of the transaction, $payment_date.


Currency conversion formulas use the open-source JSON API to obtain exchange rates published by the European Central Bank. These rates are updated daily at approximately 4pm Central European Time (CET).

If the date parameter is not specified, the current exchange rate is used.

The API has the following limitations on the free license:

  • 1000 requests per month.
  • Only EUR can be used as a base currency.

For more information on the available licenses, see Variable

Once you have obtained an API access key, the value must be set in the Service Access Key global variable.

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