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Agiloft Sub-processors

Agiloft utilizes these sub-processors, which may apply to a given knowledgebase depending on how it is hosted and configured.

Infrastructure sub-processors

Sub-processorPurposeApplicable ServicesCountries
Cologix, Inc.Cologix, Inc. provides cloud platform infrastructure services to host Agiloft knowledgebases in the applicable country location. AllUnited States
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Web Services provides cloud platform infrastructure services to host Agiloft knowledge bases in the applicable country locations. All

United States




Sub-processors for specific features or functions 

Sub-processorPurposeApplicable ServicesCountries
Adobe Sign Customers can use an optional feature of Agiloft to send documents to be signed by the Adobe Sign e-signature service.Adobe Sign e-Signature United States
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Customers can use an optional feature of Agiloft to create custom machine learning models that process and extract information from documents. These custom models are stored on Amazon Web Services and documents that require processing by these models are transferred to Amazon Web Services.  Artificial IntelligenceUnited States,, Inc. is a product analytics provider that Agiloft uses to capture how users interact with the Agiloft platform, provide in-app guidance to Agiloft features and functionality, and solicit user feedback. Agiloft uses this information to analyze and improve the Agiloft platform.AllUnited States
WorkatoCustomers can use an optional Integration Hub in Agiloft to create integrations with 200+ applications. The integration recipes and data transferred by the integration are processed by Workato.Integration HubUnited States