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Signatures Table

The Signatures table allows you to create and manage multiple signatures for employees. Each record contains the following fields:

  • Owner: Signifies the owner of the signature. Automatically set to the creator.
  • Name: A short name to identify the signature's purpose.
  • Visibility: Private signatures can only be used by their Owners. Visibility can be made public if multiple users must have access to it, such as a common signature used by everyone on the Support Team.
  • Content: an HTML-enabled field where you can enter the signature.

Use Case

Signatures are ideally created from within the People table. There is a section for Signatures under the 'Email' tab in Employees. Use the 'New' option to create a new record, or the lookup icon to find and select Public signatures. One of the signatures must be defined as the Primary Signature. Primary Signature values can be used in email templates with a global variable called $global.my_primary_signature.

When manually sending an email from any table in the system, the user has an option to select from a list of their signatures. Selecting any of the options inserts the Content of the Signature directly where the text cursor is.

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