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Risk Conditions Table

This table stores Risk Condition records that are used as templates to generate Contract Risk Condition records. Risk Conditions are linked to Contract Types in a one-to-many relationship.

Use Case

Risk Conditions are used to evaluate the risk of a contract based on metadata. Each Risk Condition record contains the following fields:

  • Summary: holds the title of the risk condition.
  • Contract Types: allows you to specify which contract types the risk condition is available for.
  • Risk Calculation: this is a variable formula field that allows the user to input a formula that evaluates risk. The formula is calculated when the template is converted to a Contract risk condition record. The result of the calculation should be a numerical value between 0 (no risk) to 1 (highest risk).
  • Description: stores information about how risk is calculated.

The Risk Condition record below uses the Renewal Type field in the contract's calculation in order to determine the risk assessment.


There are no rules in this table. Conversion of Risk Conditions to Contract Risk Conditions is triggered from the "Trigger Risk Conditions" action button in a contract record. A linked record action populates the latest contract ID, runs a data conversion to create a Contract risk condition record, and then blanks out the latest contract ID field.


Risk Condition records are owned by the user who creates them. Specifically, a record is owned by the user whose Login matches the Creator Login field. Records can be created by Admins and Business Admins.

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