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Qualification Criteria Table

Qualification Criteria records hold preconfigured data that can be added to Sourcing Event records to create specific Sourcing Event Criteria records, which are ultimately used in Response Evaluations records.

Use Case

Qualification Criteria records are created directly in the Qualification Criteria table by a Sourcing Event Manager or a Response Evaluator by clicking New.

You can also create new Qualification Criteria records from the Sourcing Event table by clicking New under the Scoring Settings section of the Response/Evaluation Setup tab.


Qualification Criteria is converted into Sourcing Event Criteria through an Add Criteria button in the Sourcing Event.  Following the selection of the Qualification Criteria in the Sourcing Event, once the button is clicked, the Sourcing Event Criteria ID is updated in the selected Qualification Criteria records and converted into Sourcing Event Criterion records linked to the Sourcing Event.


Records are owned by their creator and can be created by Admin groups and Response Evaluators and Sourcing Event Managers. These groups can view and edit their own and others' Qualification Criteria records.

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