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Payments Table

The Payment table is a background table that holds records that are used to store payment information. This table contains Payment Status, Payment Detail, Payment Amount, Payment Due, Paid Date and Fiscal Year fields. It also has a linked set from the Contracts table that allows you to associate a Payment record with Contracts. These Payments records are displayed under the Finance tab in Contracts as a related table, along with the budget calculation fields.

Use Case

Payment records can be created by Contract Managers in the Payments table or directly in a Contract record's Finance tab. The Finance tab becomes visible in the Contract record only if the Contract Type selected has a value of "Finance Fields" in the Extra Fields to Show field.

The Payment status field has the following options:

  • Due
  • Planned
  • Pending
  • Completed
  • Returned/Refunded
  • Canceled

The Contract Manager must choose the appropriate status while creating or updating a Payment record. When marking a payment as complete, the Mark Paid action button can be used. Clicking this button sets the Status of the Payment record as Completed and assigns a value to the Paid Date field that reflects the current date and fiscal year.

Payments are automatically linked to a related Contract Budget Item by matching on the Contract ID, Cost Center, and Fiscal Year.


In the Standard System Demo, the Payments table contains one active rule. This rule is accessed by expanding the Payments table in the left pane, selecting Setup Payments, and then selecting the Rules tab:

  • Create/Edit: All create and edit validations: This rule shows a validation and prevents saving the record if the Paid date is in future. It also shows a validation when the Payment amount exceeds the Contract amount and allows saving after confirming that the contract is overpaid.


Payment records are owned by their creator. Specifically, a payment record is owned by the user whose Login matches the Creator Login field.

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