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Models Table

This table controls the basic asset information that may be used within an individual asset. It holds records that define details of the Asset Type, Asset Subtype, Manufacturer, specific model numbers, and so on. Assets then link in the model on which that item is based to prepopulate all of that information for a single Asset.

Use Case

Models can be created and edited by members of the admin, admin import, and configuration manager groups. It is expected that the Configuration Managers will be responsible for maintaining model information.

The list of Asset Types and Asset Subtypes are related in a hierarchical dependency. 

The Latest Unit Price gives an idea of the latest pricing for the model. Rules could be set up to push the latest price paid in a purchase into this record to keep it updated as model purchases are made.

Assets Use of Models

Models are pulled into Assets, as shown below. When setting up a new asset, the user selects the Asset Type, and then the Asset Subtype, and then chooses a matching Model Name/Number from the available models. The models are filtered based on Asset Type and Asset Subtype, and once selected, their details are pulled into the Asset Details section of the Asset record:


There is no automation on the Models table. It is purely a background table.

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