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Items Table

The Item table stores information for each type of item that can be requested as part of a Purchase Request. The Item Requested table allows the user to select from the Item records in this table when creating a Purchase Request.

Use Case

Item records are created by internal procurement staff to represent items that may be selected by end-users for Purchase Requests.

For example, say the Dell Inspiron 2000 Desktop PC is the default model for IT staffers and all employees are set up with one when hired. Procurement staff in charge of maintaining Purchase Requests would create a single record in this Item table to represent the Dell Inspiron 2000 model with all relevant details, such as Make/Model, Unit Price, and descriptive text/choice fields. When users request a Dell Inspiron 2000, an Item Requested record is created from the Item record as a template and then linked to the Purchase Request.

Record Processing

Once created, Item records require little modification. By default, new Items are created as Active and not requiring Supervisor Approval. If a particular Item type is unavailable, no longer in use, or not ready for distribution, Procurement staff may set the Item's status to Inactive. Expensive or controlled Items can be toggled to require Supervisor Approval, which can act as a flag to apply approval processes when the Item is requested.


Items are not associated with any status fields, but instead contain an Active/Inactive choice field to differentiate selectable Items from non-selectable Items. By default, inactive items are not available for Purchase Requests.

The Item table does not have a Workflow State diagram.


Items are owned by the user with the login in the Creator Login field. However, since Items are templates for Requested Items, ownership is less relevant to the individual and records will likely only be maintained by a Procurement Group or similar staff team.

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