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EUI Templates Table

Purpose: This table contains HTML files used in creating a customized End User portal. It has sample files that can be used, and you may create your own html files and upload the html content to records in this table to serve up the pages.

Special Use Case

The EUI Templates table is a special table used for storing HTML files used in changing the presentation of the Agiloft end user interface. Since these files undergo little or no change during their lifetimes, no workflows, rules, or actions are associated with them, and no charts, reports or saved searches exist for this table.

EUI and Documents Table

When the Documents Table is enabled, the EUI can be configured to allow access by end users to the table. In order to enable this, the main.php and menu.htm files need to be edited so that all references to and global.home.file are and global.home-doc.file, respectively. These references can be found in '#ew_include("$ewText.get('')")' calls in those html pages.

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