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AI Clause Types

The AI Clause Types table holds records that are used to indicate the Clause Type of clauses that are found in contract documents by an AI model. AI Clause Type records are compared against Clause Type records in order to determine the default risk rating. 

Use Case

Clauses automatically identified by the AI are categorized into AI Clause Types. The names of existing AI Clause Types must not be changed unless you have imported new AI Models trained on different Clause Types. Similarly, adding a new AI Clause Type will have no impact unless you import a new model trained on that Clause Type. In contrast, the names of Clause Types can be changed at will and new Clause Types can be added for use by your organization.


An AI Clause Type record contains a name field that should generally, but not necessarily, match the name field of a Clause Type record. You can add a description for the Clause Type under the ID and AI Clause Type field. At the bottom of the record you will find all the Clause Types that link to this AI Clause Type.


The AI Clause Types table does not contain any rules or actions.

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