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format() is used to determine the output format of a formula based on the display characteristics of a chosen field. It is most commonly used to set the appropriate display for the output of a formula that includes Currency fields.



In the syntax above, table_name.field is the reference to the field whose formatting you want to use.  For instance, contract.dollar_amount could indicate using the $1.00 standard US currency display format. The formatting field can be referenced from any table. The $value may be any valid formula such as a field or formula including multiple field variables.


The following example formulas will help you create your own formulas.

$formula(format("contract.display_field",$contract_amount)) Inserts the contract amount field formatted with the display characteristics of Display_Field. 
Multiplies the Total Amount times the Discount Percentage and formats the output based on the Base Currency field's settings. 
$formula(format("pricing_plan.monthly_price",(($number_of_users*16) + ($number_of_units*5))))Formats this formula using the Monthly Price field in the Pricing Plan table: multiply the number of users times 16 and add five times the number of units.

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