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The concatenate strings command allows you to combine field values with text strings, field variables, or other formulas that use variables. For example, if you use $formula(concat("x",$field_name,"z",...)), the "x" and "z" placeholders are where you insert text strings, field variables, or formulas.



The variables may be text strings, field variables, or other formulas and variables. Text strings must be surrounded in double quotation marks (""), while variables and formulas do not.

If the first piece is a text string, you can use shorthand to combine variables and strings, but $formula() is still required in email templates:



Example formulaOutput
$formula(concat("Your account representative is ",$account_rep,"."))Your account representative is Hector Gomez.
$formula(concat($company_name," Support Contract"))
Agiloft Support Contract.
$formula(""+$field1*$field2+" Total")2,142 Total
$formula(concat($contract_start_date," to ",$contract_end_date))09/01/19 to 08/31/2020

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