Use the Admin Console to transfer complete knowledgebases (KBs) to other servers. The  knowledgebase export format makes it possible to transfer tables, table definitions, scripts, escalation rules, inbound email definitions, and other KB customizations, in addition to the source data, format options, and field mappings that can be transferred with simple table exports

To transfer the KB to another server, simply export the KB from its current location and import the  file on the target server. All tables in the KB are transferred when you use this method, and everything is stored in a single file.

  • Only the users with project import and export permissions can export the entire knowledgebase in  format. To give a group import and export permissions for your knowledgebase, enable the "Allow exporting knowledgebase" option on the General tab of the Group Permissions wizard.
  • You must have access to the admin console to import the knowledgebase on the target server.
  • Check the  version on each server. You can transfer KBs from a lower version to a higher version, but not from a higher version to a lower version. To see the current version, log in and go to Help > About  in the upper right corner.
  • For large knowledgebases, you must have server access to move the file from the source server to the TMP directory on the target server.

Transfer a Knowledgebase to a Different Server

To transfer a KB to another server, export the KB from its current server and import it on the target server.

To export:

  1. From the power user interface of the KB you want to transfer, go to Setup > Export.
  2. On the Destination tab, choose where to save the file:
  3. On the Data Format tab, select the  format.
  4. On the Options tab, choose whether to disable the KB during the process. This can be helpful to prevent users from accessing the KB while the export is being processed.
  5. Choose whether to remove file attachments. File attachments can significantly increase the size of the export file, especially for large KBs.
  6. Enter any comments you want to save with the export.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. If you saved the KB to the server, access the server now and move the file to the TMP directory on the target server. This requires server access.

You can also use the Backup function in the admin console to export a KB. For more information, see Creating Backup Files.

To import:

  1. From the admin console of the target server, go to KB Management > Import.
  2. Select the source and file name for the KB file you need to transfer.
  3. In the Knowledgebase Name field, enter a name for your knowledgebase.
  4. Configure any remaining options as desired.
  5. Click Finish.

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