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ConvoAI Document Q&A

Get information about your contracts without taking up the valuable time of your legal team with the new ConvoAI feature, Document Q&A. This feature saves you time by making it quicker and easier to parse complicated contracts.

ConvoAI Document Q&A allows you to ask questions about your contract directly from Agiloft in the document viewer and receive answers with information about the contract, even quoting exact text from the contract body where applicable.

ConvoAI Document Q&A requires a ConvoAI (Doc QA) license. When this license is installed, the Ask AI button appears in the document viewer.

Using ConvoAI Document Q&A

To use ConvoAI:

  1. Navigate to your KB and log in.
  2. Open a contract in the document viewer.
  3. At the top right of the page, click Ask AI.
  4. In the pane that opens, enter your question. Use Enter on your keyboard or click the paper airplane icon to ask the question. For example, for an Equipment Purchase Agreement, you could ask, "My equipment broke, what are my options?" to find information about the warranty period of the equipment.
  5. You can also choose to ask follow-up questions. Using the same example, you might ask, "Does this still apply for me?" to see if you're within the warranty period.

To see an explanation for an answer, click the three-dot menu on the message and click Explain reasoning. If the explanation contains a reference to the document, the explanation will contain a link to that part of the document. You can also use this menu to remove answers from past conversations, but remember that if you remove a comment, any replies are deleted as well.