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Look and Feel

The Look and Feel wizards allow the customization of virtually every aspect of the End User and Power User interface. Immediate visual feedback of the effect is provided for most customizations. Several different Look & Feel Schemes may be created and assigned to different teams. The look and feel seen by a particular user is based on their Primary Team, thus allowing custom branding for valued users.

The customizations include variation in font, mouse-over effects, scrollbars, borders, graphics, headers/footers and placement preferences.

The following table provides a guide to which wizard controls each type of customization on each element of the interface. These wizards are accessed from Setup > Look & Feel for the current scheme or by editing a different scheme via Setup > Look & Feel > Manage End-user Schemes or Setup > Look & Feel > Manage Power User Schemes.


Appropriate Look and Feel Wizard

Required fields in user records and wizards

* - Required field indicator

  • Location of
  • Additional text inserts
  • Color preferences

Edit Field Display

Select the base scheme - a new look and feel is created by editing an existing one and saving it under a new name.

Edit Current Scheme/Global


  • Fonts, colors, border, etc
  • Mouseover, select effect
  • Order

Edit Current Scheme/Toolbar
Edit Tab Order

Page Layout

  • Text font, style, colors, background, etc
  • Scroll bars
  • Selection and mouseover effects on links
  • Titles

Edit Current Scheme/Body

Table records

  • Text font style colors, etc
  • Odd/Even row background
  • Table headers
  • Hyperlinks (moused over and selected)

Edit Current Scheme/Tables

Data input or view record form

  • Format for values, labels, buttons, help
  • Alternate row background colors
  • Button format

Edit Current Scheme/Forms

Search dialog

Edit Current Scheme/Forms

Website customization

  • Header/footer
  • Graphics

Edit Current Scheme/Header/Footer

Title in the Browser

Go to Setup > System > Manage Global Variables.
Create a new global variable of type short text constant called staff_title and use whatever text you like as the value. Create another global variable of type short text constant called enduser_title and use your preferred text there. You will need to logout and login again to see your changes.

Scheme assignment to teams

Edit Current Scheme/Apply

Left Pane Customization; Staff I/F only

Edit Current Scheme/Left Pane

Icon shortcuts; Staff I/F only

  • Help, wrench, calendar, etc.

Edit Current Scheme/Icons