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  • Edit: Updates by Party: This rule runs when the record is edited by the supplier via email. It notifies the Sourcing Event Manager and the Sourcing Event Manager Team of the  outside party update.
  • Edit: All Sourcing Event Edit Actions (Web/API): This rule runs when the Sourcing Event record is edited. It does the most of this table's automation:
    • If there are no awarded responses, prevents the Status changing to Pending Selection Approval or Selection Approved until at least one response is awarded.
    • Sets Status to Approved and notifies the Sourcing Event Owner when all the approvals are finished.
    • Sets Status to Selection Approved and notifies the Sourcing Event Owner when all the selection approvals are finished.
    • If the Sourcing Event is Canceled, cancels connected Attachments, Approvals and Supplier Responses.
    • Notifies Sourcing Event Owner and/or Selection Committee (depending on Source Event Type) when the record Status changes to Reviewing Responses.
    • Notifies Sourcing Event Manager of executed contract.
    • Notifies Sourcing Event Manger Manager or Team to begin Selection process when all submitted responses have completed evaluations.
  • Edit: Validate that end date is after start date (web): This rule runs on records in which the Expected Contract End Date or the Expected Contract Start Date has changed and prevents the change if the End Date is now before the Start Date.

  • Edit: Handle Status change (email, web, API): This rule runs on records, in which the current Status isn't the same as the previous saved Status. It creates a new Status Time record and updates Previous Status and Date of Previous Status Change fields with current Status and date.