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For more information about managing history entries, see History Fields and Rules.

History Report

To easily see the history size for a KB:

  1. In 
    , go to Setup > System and click History Report.
  2. The report shows the total size of History data in each table, and the individual records with the most History entries.
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MS SQL Server

For an MS SQL server, follow these steps to check the history size for a table:

  1. In   Agiloft
    , go to [Setup Table] for the table in question and note the Table Name. The Table Name is above the Logical Table Name on the General tab.
  2. Run a query from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), replacing table_name with the value for your table:  select h.dbname from swtable h, swtable t where t.dbname='table_name' and t.historytableid=h.swtableid
  3. This returns the name of the history table corresponding to the table you chose. Using this information, you can find:
    • The number of history records, replacing history_table with the name of your history table:  select count(*) from history_table
    • The size of the history table in bytes, replacing history_table with the name of your history table:  sp_spaceused history_table