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Microsoft Word 2010 or higher to enable Integration with Hosted Word API Services.

IIS Integration

If your instance of Agiloft is integrated with an IIS web server rather than Nginx, you might need to download the Tomcat extension (“isapi_redirect.dll”) that is best suited for your operating system and replace the one that is currently installed at c:\Agiloft\iis\isapi_redirect.dll with one of the following:-

Default Installation Directories

By default 

 is installed in these locations:

  • Windows default directory: <System Drive>:\Agiloft
  • Linux default directory: /usr/local//Agiloft

Default Login Details

After installation, the knowledgebase can be accessed at http://<server-name>.com/gui2, with the username: admin and the password saved in the C:\EnterpriseWizardConfig.xml file in Windows and /etc/EnterpriseWizardConfig.xml in Linux with the following syntax: <ewimpexAdminConsolePassword>PASSWORD</ewimpexAdminConsolePassword>. This password should be changed immediately.

Release Version Numbering