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The Settings window allows you to manage the amount of RAM allocated for the database and application servers. Make sure the RAM is set to at least 50% the recommended amount.

In addition, you can add configuration options for the database and JbossWildfly, and select the database connection type. To see a list of the available JBoss Wildfly configuration options, click Moreclick More... in the Jboss Wildfly options text.Image Removed

Web Server

Web server settings are defined during initial installation, but can be changed later in the Web server section of the Setup menu. You may change all parameters related to external web server integration, as well as those for the built-in Apache Tomcat server. The input fields are described in more detail in the Database Server section of 


Service Control

The Service Control menu contains the settings for 

 services. These include:

  • How the system should handle stop and restarting the database or JBoss server, and which service should be affected when a start/stop/restart happens
  • Memory dumps
  • Broadcast messages
  • Start/stop timeouts
  • Duration of inactivity value for the broadcast message during the outage
  • How to monitor the services

Software Update

For more information on updating to a newer version of 

, see Upgrade Guide


The Backup window allows you to store all 

 projects in platform-independent format in a default or chosen directory. These files may be stored as backups, moved to another computer for restoring, etc. 
 services are unavailable during the backup process, which may be lengthy depending on the amount of data. For more information, see Set Up Knowledgebase Backups.

To create a backup...

  1. Click Backup in the Setup Assistant.
  2. Select a folder path - either the default, or a custom folder.
  3. Click Perform backup.


The Restore window restores all projects stored in 

 format from a default or chosen directory. If the user selects "Purge the database before KnowledgeBases are loaded", all existing projects are deleted before restoration runs. In this case, the admin console KB stored in the file admin.xml.ew should be present in the backup directory. If no database cleaning is performed before restoration, then to avoid overwriting the active admin console KB, admin.xml.ew should not be in the directory.