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  • When the user completes the task, they change the Status to Completed/Approved and save the record. If there is no value in the Date Done field, the system will put the current date/time into the Date Done field. Alternatively, the user may enter a time in the Date Done field directly. 
  • While working on the task, the user may enter any time spent on the task in the Time Spent and Time Description fields, then click Add Time to convert them to Time Entries.
  • When working on an asset, the Start Clock and End Clock buttons can be used to set the Actual Start Time and Actual End Time as needed. The user may also manually put values in these fields.
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  • When a task record is saved a rule called Edit: All Edit Actions (API enabled) is run.
    • If the Status has changed to Completed, Failed, or Not Needed, the system updates the Dependent tasks by refreshing their Number of prerequisite tasks counts. If this was the last prerequisite, then that will trigger the next rule to assign the dependent tasks.
    • The rule also sets the Assigned Person, if it is blank, to the person who completed the task.
    • If the task is for a project, the project manager is notified of the task completion.
    • If the Working Notes field was updated, the text is copied into the Running Notes field and blanked out. And if the task is related to a change request, the notes are also updated into the change request's running Working Notes field.
    • If the status has just changed to Assigned (by launching the tasks from the main record or by the prerequisite tasks having been completed), the Date Due is set based on specified criteria. If the task was an auto-completing task, then it is marked as Completed and the assignee notified. Otherwise, the assigned person or assigned team is notified that the task is now assigned.
  • When a prerequisite task is completed, its dependent tasks are updated, and if all prerequisite tasks are now completed, then the rule called Edit: Assign tasks when number of completed prerequisites meets criteria (API) runs. This rule checks if the task was conditional, and if so, checks the condition to see if it is met. If the task is not conditional or its condition is met, then it sets the Status to Assigned. Otherwise, it sets the status to Not Needed.
  • When all tasks for a particular record are completed or marked as failed or not needed, the person / team assigned to the main request is notified that all tasks are done.


There is a simple workflow for tasks that currently executes no actions:
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The following is a summary of the rules and validations that run when new tasks are created, either manually or from templates: