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The Attachments table holds contract attachments such as generated contract documents, performance bonds, inbound documents, and signed agreements. Each record in the table represents one attachment that is linked to a contract. Each attachment contains information about the parent contract for reference, held on the Contract Info tab.

Use Case

Attachments can be created directly from the Attachments table, from a contract, or by inbound email. Attachments can have a Status of Active, Expired, Contract Inactive, or Superseded.

Creating Attachments from the Attachments Table

To create a new attachment directly, click New from the Attachments table action bar. You can select the parent contract on the Contract Info tab using the lookup icon next to the Contract Title field.

DocuSign users also see the Merged File field and the Merge Signature Block action button. When the Merge Signature Block action button is pressed, a DocuSign signature page is appended to the file in the Attached File field and the merged file is put into the Merged File field. The action button uses an attached file action and a MS Word template signature page. The signature page is specially formatted to include DocuSign tags. A rule then converts the file in the Merged File field into a new Attachment record and then resets the Merged File field to empty.

Creating Attachments from a Contract

Attachments can be created directly from a particular contract on the Attachments tab of the contract record. To create an attachment...

  1. Click New on the Attachments action bar.
  2. Fill out the form and Save the record, which automatically links it to the contract.

Attachments can be created from a print template using the Create and Attach action button in the Contract. They can also be created by an action that runs on files attached to inbound emails sent to the Contract table's inbound email address.


Attachment records are owned by their creator. Specifically, an Attachment record is owned by the user whose Login matches the Creator Login field.