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Task Workflows Workflow records are used to create a set of task templates that may Task Template records that can be organized to trigger all at once or in a specified sequence. They can be selected in services for Change Requests or Service Requests, and they are also associated with Project Types. They essentially predefine the tasks that should be completed for a particular request type. They are used in conjunction with the Task Generation Method of "Predefined Task Workflow."

Use Case

Task workflows can be created by members of the Contract Manager, Project Manager, Change Manager, Service Manager, and Admin groups. Users may only edit the workflows related to their primary tables, so change managers can edit workflows related to change requests, while project managers can edit workflows related to project types. Only Admin users can edit workflows that are unrelated to their primary tables.

A task workflow can be created directly in the Task Workflows table or it can be launched created from within a service for a change request or service request or from a Contract Type record, Change Request record, Service Request record, or Project Type record, using an action button:

The advantage of doing it from a Service record or Project Type record creating Task Workflow records from these other records is that the Related To field will be populated automatically with the correct table:

Either way, the process of Regardless of how the creation process is initiated, setting up a new task workflow involves naming Task Workflow record involves giving it with a unique name, ensuring it is related to the correct table, adding a description, and then creating the task templates:

When the Task Workflow is related to a Contract Type, the Available for Contract Types field should be populated with the appropriate Contract Types. Clicking the Create New Task Template button saves the workflow and then brings up the new task template screen. See the Task Templates section for more information on how to create and fill out the task template form. Once the first template is created, if the Enable Prerequisite Tasks field is set to Yes in the workflow, then additional templates may select the are able to define earlier ones as prerequisites.


Tasks in a workflow can be displayed in a diagram showing their relationships and dependencies:

Image Modified

As shown in the diagram above, it is possible to launch two separate threads and then bring them back into alignment by making their final tasks prerequisites of the next task.