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In our out-of-the-box setup, the EUI is configured primarily for users in the Guest, Internal Customer, Customer, Document Creator, and Contract Creator groups. end user interface may be used to provide different functionality, depending on which parts of the system you are using.  It is pre-configured to provide an end user portal for :

1)  Internal contract requesters, in the context of a contract management system.  These end users may submit a new contract and perform limited functionality in relation to starting that process.  They may also search for and view existing contracts.

2)  Your internal customers in the context of a service desk or incident system, or a knowledge management system that provides access to FAQs and other internal company documents.

3) Your external customers and guests of your website in the context of a service desk or incident system that serves external customers.

4) Document creators in the context of a knowledge management system, who may be submitting articles for review and publication.

5) Vendors in the context of a vendor portal for a contract management system, where vendors can come to upload documents such as insurance certificates, W9's, performance bonds, and performance reports, and to manage their company, contacts, and view their contracts.

The table below outlines the available functions and navigational tabs each user group sees when accessing the EUI.  What a user sees is determined both by the general setup done by the admin to make certain tables available in the end user interface, and by his or her group permissions for specific tables.  


Sample User Login

Default EUI Tabs



FAQs (Support Case)
Submit a Case (new Support Case)
New User

Internal Customer


FAQs (Helpdesk Case)
Submit a Case (new Helpdesk Case)
My Cases (Helpdesk Case)
My Profile



FAQs (Support Case)
Submit a Case (new Support Case)
My Cases (Support Case)
My Profile

Document Creator


FAQs (Documents)
Submit a Document
My Documents
My Profile

Contract Creator


Submit a Contract (new Contract)
All Contracts
My Contracts
My Profile

VendorvendorNew Company Document
Manage Company Documents
View My Company and Users
My Profile
View My Contracts
View All Contracts

For more detailed information about working with the HTML-based end user interface, please review the End User Interface and related sections.