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Users accessing the system through an unlimited End User license are taken to a customizable End User Interface (EUI), a simplified interface with fewer options than the Staff Interface. The default EUI is HTML-based and can be modified through the out-of-the-box HTML templates provided in the EUI Templates table. For more details see the EUI Templates Table later in this collection.

Note that you have a choice of end user interfaces. In addition to the customizable EUI, we offer a second simple end user interface, the Legacy EUI, which may be appropriate for customers who do not need the flexibility provided by access to the HTML. Both the EUI and the Legacy EUI can be configured to show different tabs, tables, and requests depending on the user's group membership and group permissions.

Access the EUI by logging in as an end user and selecting the End User interface radio button.


Select End User to log in to the customizable EUI.Image Modified

As an admin user, Setup > End User Interface is where you can define the FAQ interface for both the custom EUI and Legacy EUIend user interface. By default, FAQs are available for both the Documents, Support Cases, and Helpdesk Cases tables, filtered to records in which the Published field is set to Yes.